Ritualz is a piece where I welcome the audience into the uncomfortable practice of self-reflection. Rituals are the things we do every day in the privacy of our homes, that we perform to “fit in” to the various subcultures of society. As a first generation Latinx woman, this ritual is my way of pregaming code-switching in the multicultural communities that have defined me --latinx, hip-hop, preppy, queer, etc. Each subculture is defined by their fashion and music that I awkwardly try to fit into, take off, and reinterpret. The juxtaposing and remixing of various subcultures is my want to be a “unique” individual, reflecting the American obsession with the freedom to be an individual; but in that still remains the human need to belong. By showing the grotesque parts of this ritual --- pimple popping, food munching, fat giggling, noodle slurping—are the things that we all do that make us all human regardless of what subculture we belong in. This act of self-reflection ensues pride, shame, and confusion that as a POC woman I have no choice but to consider before I walk out of the house.